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Nourishment: During Pregnancy and Beyond

We all know that when you’re pregnant, you should be eating a healthy, balanced diet – it’s one of the most important things that you can do for yourself and baby! Make sure you eat foods that are rich in nutrients to improve the baby’s growth and development.

Especially during your second trimester, it’s important to eat foods rich in calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D. These nutrients will help the baby grow strong bones and teeth. Also eat food containing DHA (omega-3 oils) and folic acid, which helps with the baby’s brain development.


What You Should Avoid Eating During the Second Trimester

The likes of raw meat, eggs, and fish shouldn’t be eaten – large fish (swordfish, shark, mackerel) and seafood in general, contain mercury which can harm the baby. Other foods that you shouldn’t consume include unpasteurized milk and unpasteurized milk products as they may have bacteria that can cause infections. It’s all right to drink coffee or caffeine while you’re pregnant, but limit yourself to one or two cups a day, but never drink ANY alcohol while you’re pregnant as it can cause birth defects and other complications during pregnancy.

All-in-One Milk Formula for Pregnant Mums

NATURE ONE DAIRY® Pregnancy Formula is an essential nutritional care for mothers-to-be that’s been specially formulated with vitamins and minerals to support the needs during pre-conception, pregnancy, and lactation.

DHA is important for infant brain and eye development and is required throughout pregnancy. Increasing your DHA intake during pregnancy and nursing increases the level of DHA that’s available to the baby.

What to Do Now That Baby’s Here?

First and foremost, breastmilk from mum is the best thing that babies should consume from birth until they’re around 9 – 12 months old, where they can start eating more solid foods and be weaned off breastmilk. Once you’re able to wean baby off breastmilk, there’ll be the worry that they’re not getting enough nutrients for their growth, and that’s completely normal to feel! And if you wish to supplement their breast milk with formula milk due to any reason you may have (personal preference, unable to produce enough breastmilk, on medication that doesn’t allow you to breastfeed, etc.), you’ll also be worrying about the nutrition that they’re getting.

NATURE ONE DAIRY® range of standard and premium formulas are made from 100% grass-fed cow’s milk from cows in the Gippsland area – a prime dairy district and major Australian dairy region. Their manufacturing facility is a certified, pharmaceutical grade facility and their formula has been put through the highest level of scrutiny, microbiological and chemical testing, and analysis!

Formula quality is assured from brand to consumer as it’s been manufactured to extremely strict Australian standards.

Their formulas are chock full of nutrients such as:

NATURE ONE DAIRY® formulas have answered the calls for much more affordable and high-quality formula milk options. Their formulas contain all the essentials nutrients and minerals for mum and baby, at an affordable price range.

The reason as to why Nature One Dairy Pty Ltd is able to give us high-quality formula at lower prices is because they’re in charge of the manufacturing and importing processes, without a need for a middleman that’ll substantially increase prices.

China has recently introduced much stricter regulations to ensure food safety, and only a limited number of infant milk formula brands are allowed to be imported into their country. As the testament to the quality of their formula as well as their stringent food safety and quality management programme, Nature One Dairy Pty Ltd is one of the few approved manufacturers and importers of formula to China.


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