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Why Your Growing Child requires Formula Milk?

This article is written in conjunction with Supermom.

Most people have heard that calcium in milk helps people grow strong bones. Milk is also fortified with Vitamin D, as well as being a rich source of protein and calories, which is important for growing kids.

My kids, like numerous tween and adolescents out there, are exposed to a variety of foods in their diet including junk food, fast food and high sodium, calories take-aways.

I believe that milk is an easy, nutrient-rich way to help deliver healthy calories, and to build up their need for good calcium in this phase of speedy body, mental growth and so I am glad to have found Nature One Dairy® Student Nutritional Milk Formula suitable for growing children and teenagers, aged 6 to 18 years old.

Nature One Dairy® Student Nutritional Milk Formula is specially formulated with additional Vitamin B, Zinc and DHA – essential nutrients that help school going children improve memory and concentration. Vitamins B also help to boost a child’s energy level, present fatigue, weakness and irritability.

Zinc plays a crucial role in regulating how neurons communicate with one another, how memories are formed as we continue to learn. Not many people know that Zinc helps to support proper body growth – a lack of Zinc in the diet can lead to mild anaemia, short stature and delayed sexual maturation.

DHA is commonly found in infant formula and remains important as a building block of the brain for optimal brain health and function across all ages. As the child goes through school, this nutrient is ever so important for brain health and development.

A recent study* on the beverage consumption of local children showed that an alarming 64% of children within the seven to ten years old age bracket are consuming less milk than the daily 500 ml recommended by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) – a health authority in Singapore.

The study featuring 800 participants also indicated that one in three Singaporean mothers is unaware of the daily milk requirement for their growing child.

It is really a common misconception that we do not need to provide our growing tween or teen with milk once they go past the infant formula stages. For your child to get the nourishment for optimal growth and development, it is vital for him/her to be exposed to a well-balanced diet from the different food groups.

Milk, which is from the Meat & Alternatives group, should remain an integral part of your child’s diet. Plus, our growing up children face long hours in school dealing with homework, extra-curricular activities and enrichment programmes – they definitely need even more nutrients in this stage of life and we need to give them the best of what’s available!

I am glad to have cultivated a good habit of having my children drink a glass of growing up formula each morning with their breakfast, as I am of the idea that Nature One Dairy® Student Nutritional Milk Formula provides a good source of Calcium, Vitamin D and proteins, that can help prevent Osteoporosis in later life.

*Goh DY, Jacob A. Children’s consumption of beverages in Singapore: Knowledge, attitudes and practice. J Paediatrics and Child Heath. Vol 47 (2011) 465-472.