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A Morning Tea with Emma Hawkins & Nature One Dairy®

Nature One Dairy® hosted an exclusive morning tea with brand ambassador Emma Hawkins at The Stables of Como in Melbourne.

The mother of two young girls, Emma Hawkins, was joined by fellow panelists Celebrity Stylist, Suzy Eskander, former bio-chemist and founder of Nature One Dairy®, Nick Dimopoulos and Pediatric Psychologist, Amanda Abel.

The panel shared their insights, tips and honest accounts both as a parent and industry professionals to 45 guests including everyday mums and influencers. The panel was led by Jacqui Felgate from CH7 News.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the event.

Former bio-chemist and Founder of Nature One Dairy®, Nick Dimopoulos explained why you should choose Nature One Dairy® Organic milk.

Breaking down the barriers of parenthood, Nick shared why Nature One Dairy® is the choice for Aussie mums. Being made in Australia, mums can be assured that the infant milk complies with Australia’s strict food regulations and hygiene standards. As a manufacturer based in Carrum Downs, Victoria, Nick assured mums that Nature One Dairy® has the capacity to produce fast and quick, getting stocks replenished on the shelves and ensure they will never go empty.


Nick also shared the differences between organic and non-organic formula, the strict regulations imposed on organic milk to ensure no form of artificial or synthetic chemicals is present in the finished products, and the nutrients Nature One Dairy® added to their organic formula. High-quality, better value, Nature One Dairy® ensures competitive pricing in their formula as they do not need to depend on other factories for production.

Brand Ambassador of Nature One Dairy®, Emma Hawkins shared why she only works with Australian-owned brands.

Emma Hawkins likes to use Australian-owned brands and trusted high quality Australian-made products for her family, such as Nature One Dairy® Organic Step 3 formula. At the event, Emma opened up about the hardships she faced while breastfeeding her first daughter and particularly the pressures mums feel from breastfeeding. She tackled the issue of “mum guilt” and ensured guests that no one should be ashamed if they can’t breastfeed.

Emma also revealed that juggling work and kids is never easy and support is key and that she has a lot of it! Even if some days do not turn out well, mums shouldn’t be too hard on themselves.

Fashion & Celebrity Stylist, Suzy Eskander’s golden rule of making your kids your priority.

Although her life is super busy, Fashion & Celebrity Stylist, Suzy Eskander always places her three young kids as her top priority.

Suzy spoke about how being a working mum means juggling between her job, social life and her parenting role and she advised all mothers to always put their kids first and discussed how she balanced both work and home with the help and support from the family.

Pediatric Psychologist & Founder, Amanda Abel on how to combat fussy eaters.

As part of the professional team at Northern & Hawthorn Centre for Child Development who provide assessment, support and early intervention to children and their families, Amanda Abel spoke about her role as a child psychologist and how she helps parents combat fussy eating toddlers. She wants parents to know that “Discipline” and “Reward” may not effectively help in tackling fussy eaters. Disciplining your kids at the dinner table actually raises their adrenalin and suppresses their appetite. Offering kids reward for eating something makes them think that the food is not yummy!

Amanda also helped guests to understand the right time to switch from formula to cow’s milk. “One thing to note, no matter which choice you choose, parents should always ensure sufficient nutrients in your little ones’ daily diet.”

Panel discussion was led by 7 News Melbourne News Reporter, Jacqui Felgate.

Jacqui led the panel and facilitated questions from guests:

Amanda Abel

Q: Do I have to switch to cow’s milk at 12 months?

A: No, you can use a Step 3 formula which has more nutrients than cow’s milk. Or you can continue to breastfeed.

Q: How do you deal with toddler tantrums?

A: The first thing you need to do is recognize your child’s feelings and acknowledge that they are upset. Make sure you’re on their level and respond accordingly. Although you are frustrated, yelling at them won’t help the situation.

Emma Hawkins

Q: How do you juggle kids and work?

A: Don’t be fooled, I have a lot of help and support (i.e. nanny and family). Every day is different and it’s hard to keep on top of things.

Q: How do you cope with being a parent in this day and age in the public eye?

A: I keep it real!! I think people like to follow me because I am relatable, and I share the truth. I’ve also learnt to ignore the trolls and there are always going to be haters.

Nick Dimopoulos

Q: How can we help our wives in the early stage?

A: I know from experience that there isn’t much we can do except to support our wife. Perhaps be with them while they’re feeding, take the baby and settle right after a feed and just emotionally support in every way possible!

Q: What is your advice to parents when it comes to formula vs organic formula?

A: Ultimately all formula on the shelf passes guidelines and is fine for your baby. However, organic formula is a more premium product and has certain ingredients that a standard and premium formula won’t include.

Complete range of nutrition for your child

Nature One Dairy Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian-owned company dedicated to producing only the highest quality powdered milk products. They produce a range of dairy products specifically designed for every age group ranging from infants to the elderly and everything in-between. Nature One Dairy Pty Ltd is also dedicated to manufacturing our complete range of dairy powders for the international market.


Nature One Dairy® Organic formula is available in all Priceline Pharmacies country-wide and Nature One Dairy® Premium formula is available in selected IGA stores in Melbourne.