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REVIEW: Two Thumbs Up for Nature One Dairy® Organic Toddler Milk

The article is written by Jenna Galley from Mum Central.

Breast milk is the best for babies. When breast milk is unavailable or insufficient, parents may seek baby formula as an alternative.

Baby formula shopping. It’s no easy feat. There are heaps of choices for babies and toddlers and it’s hard to know which one to go with. Do you choose the one with the pretty packaging? The one on special? Non-GMO? AR? Organic?


Tough call, right? But, for many mums, the answer to their baby and formula woes is simple. Find a formula that is good for their babies, free of nasties, filled with nutrients and, most importantly tastes yummy.

The formula that ticks all of these boxes (plus heaps more)? Nature One Dairy®.

We decided to kid-test it with two-year-old Jaxon and let his taste buds (and his mum Lauren) do the talking!

Aussie-made milk goodness

Nature One Dairy® is a Melbourne-based dairy manufacturer. You’ve probably seen their milk on the shelves in Priceline Pharmacy and Coles but you may not have known they make toddler milk too. Yep, they do.

All Nature One Dairy® formula milk is made in their pharmaceutical grade facility which means it’s received top marks for cleanliness. Plus their infant formula is certified organic by the Australian Certified Organic which ensures no chemical pesticides and heavy metals from farm to finished product.

Making sense of toddler milk

DID YOU KNOW? All formulas on Australian supermarket shelves are made to have approximately the same amount of energy(kilojoules), protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

So what makes Nature One Dairy® Toddler Milk the right choice for your tot?

100% non-GMO ingredients

No genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or parts thereof.


100% grass-fed cow’s milk

What does what the cow eats matter to the milk? You may be surprised. Grass-fed cows are healthy cows and healthy cows produce healthy milk. Plus, it’s always nice to support a company that promotes a peaceful and happy lifestyle for their cows.



This means no pesticides or chemicals are used in the farming process (including the food these cattle consume) and thus, there is no chance of these nasties making their way into the milk.


Includes Prebiotics Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS)

Prebiotics are the “food” for probiotics (good bacteria in your gut) and is naturally found in breast milk. Organic galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) are added in Nature One Dairy® organic range to stimulate the growth of probiotics in the colon and to maintain a healthy digestive system. Some strains are added to infant formula like Nature One Dairy®.


GOLD formula with DHA and ARA

Gold formulas contain a specific type of ‘good fat’, specifically, long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, or LCPUFA’s. DHA and ARA are among those proven to be the most beneficial as they both support brain development and health.


Contains magnesium

Magnesium regulates muscle and nerve functions in the body.

Real mum review: Nature One Dairy® Organic Toddler Milk

We recently asked South Australian mum Lauren and her two-year-old son Jaxon to review Nature One Dairy® Organic Toddler Formula. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“My son took to the formula straight away and didn’t refuse it at all. It makes up a creamy milk which he loves. He’s been asking for ‘milky’ several times a day, more than usual so he really loves the taste of this milk. He enjoys it both hot and cold which is a bonus.”

One of the things that set Nature One Dairy® apart from the rest is that it has an organic milk formula range and is Aussie-made and owned, two things that Lauren especially liked about the baby formula.

“I love that it has a good source of iron to contribute to his cognitive development and it’s a good source of vitamins and minerals and high in Omega 3.

He is very fussy with his food so I take comfort that he will still get all his vitamins and that it is certified Australian organic with no nasties.

I will continue to choose this over straight cow’s milk for this reason.”

Nature One Dairy Toddler Milk

“I’d recommend this product to any mum, especially if they have fussy eaters and worry that their toddler is not eating enough fruit and/ or veg.”


But, best of all, toddlers LOVE the taste!  Jaxon took to it straight away.

You can pick up Nature One Dairy® Organic Toddler Milk at Priceline Pharmacies and Coles or learn more about it through the Nature One Dairy® website.

“For an organic milk formula which is natural and certified organic, I think it is great value. It also contains high quality ingredients so is value for money – Lauren, Mum of Jaxon, 2.”

“It’s also great that their formula are manufactured here in Australia and I don’t have to worry about them taking long to be replenished when stocks run out.”

Have a try!

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