Nutritionally balanced formula for your daily needs

Nature One Dairy® produces a range of nutritional formula for every growing adult. Each formula is carefully blended with the most stringent selection of nutrients to fit each individual's requirements. Nutritional formula are targeted to provide optimum nutrition based on current needs for growth, replenishment, control and supplement. Formulated by qualified nutritionists, each recipe is curated with top quality ingredients to meet the market's demands.
Enhance your child's growth. Empower their dreams.


Nutrient-rich milk drink to deliver healthy calories and provide complete, balanced nutrition to help schooling children grow and develop actively.
Supporting The Nutritional Needs Of Pregnant & Lactating Mothers


An essential part of maternal nutrition, pregnancy formula aims to provide and replenish on essential nutrients for your foetal development during pregnancy stages. Designed to complement post-pregnancy diet, Pregnancy formula includes Calcium, Iron, Dietary Fibre, Folic Acid and DHA, the key nutrients needed for adequate nutrition for your body and quality breast milk for your child.
Complete Range Of Nutrition For You And Your Family

Adult Nutrition

To encourage on an active and healthy lifestyle, discover our range of adult nutrition for different active groups. Choose from FortiPlus’ Adult milk-based formula, GlucoCare Low Glycemic gormula, ActivePro Lactose-Free formula and Lactoferrin milk powder.

Adult Nutrition Comparing Table

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